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College Street
Home Extension

We were appointed by our Client to conduct a holistic review of their new home in St Albans in order to explore the opportunities for expansion and reconfiguration. Internally the kitchen was the most problematic room, with disjointed cabinets and small work surfaces. The main window overlooked the garden but was at an elevated position. The basement room was accessed externally, which made it disconnected from the main living spaces. Our proposals sought to provide better connections both internally and to the garden and create more efficient living rooms.

Sympathetic Cuboid Volumes

The proposal sits sympathetically within the conservation area context, with matching materials and aligned windows. The house connects with the garden in a much improved manner and creates an almost sculptural series of cuboid volumes.

Interior Connections

This birds-eye axonometric illustrates the flow of spaces from the existing kitchen through to the new extension and the existing lower ground floor room. The proposal seeks to better connect the house with the garden but also the existing rooms.

Flowing Spaces

Internally, the flow of spaces is greatly improved, with visual connections between the key living spaces. This was important for the Client, who wanted the family to be connected visually without massive open plan spaces. Light comes in through the generous openings and discreet roof lights.

Connecting Rooms and Views

At ground floor the kitchen is remodelled and a new stair is inserted to bring you straight down to the lower ground floor and out to the garden. The lower ground floor is extended to accommodate a new play room and lounge space. A new staircase and void links this with the existing room at this level. This houses a snug, utility room and WC to the rear.

Working with the Topography

The proposed extension works with the existing change in level at the rear of the house and provides a physical connection to the garden. Light penetrates the deeper plan through clerestorey windows and roof lights, while also providing views out form the kitchen.

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