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Cyprus Gardens
Home Extension

The Client’s brief to us was to create a home extension that provided additional space for their family, with improved kitchen, dining and lounge areas, while also giving a separate therapy room for the Client’s psychotherapy business.

A New Courtyard

The ground floor plan uses a small courtyard as a device to both separate the therapy room from the living quarters but also to aid in bringing light into the existing and proposed spaces.

Honest Construction

We were keen to articulate and celebrate the timber roof construction in an honest manner.  The rafters are all exposed, as is the plywood timber deck above. The vaulted nature of the roof gives a generosity to the space and a warmth from the natural materials.


Bespoke DJ Booth

The client has a large vinyl collection and enjoys DJ-ing in his spare time.  We designed a separate snug within the new extension that could be opened up to the main living space but also be used as a DJ booth.  

Photographer credit: Matthew Smith Photography

Contractor: Lemsford Building 

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