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Epping Green 

Residential Project

We were commissioned to design a fresh new apartment building to sit on the site of the existing lock up garages on Epping Green in Hemel Hempstead. This design will significantly enhance the local area by removing an eye sore and replacing it with a well-designed piece of architecture that is contextually sensitive and visually interesting.

Considered Massing and Materials

The massing of the proposal needs to relate the surrounding context and it was important that the height should not exceed the neighbouring developments. We also wanted to express the top storey in a different manner in order to relate to the neighbours rooflines and materials.

Texture, Pattern and Light

The design of the facade offers a play of pattern, texture, light and shadow. The top storey is expressed differently with a different colour brick and reconstituted stone string coursing, which relates to the neighbouring rooflines. The communal garden will be a private and sunlit space to be enjoyed by all residents.

Subtle Use of Materials

The subtle material change on the top storey helps reduce the bulk and mass of the scheme and relates it to the rooflines of the context. Protruding brick panels add texture and interest and help express the wider openings when glazing is not appropriate.

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