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Grays Inn Road

We have had a successful pre-application with Camden for this proposal on Grays Inn Road, London, which provides commercial/office accommodation at lower ground and ground floor with a set of residential units at first floor level. The ground floor reflects the strong grid of the existing structure. First floor however picks up both the rhythm of the ground floor and the vertical proportioned windows of the surrounding context on both Grays Inn Road and Britannia Street.

Influencing the Streetscape

The proposed scheme aims to bring the built mass to the edge of the site boundary creating a defined street edge. The effect of this will be to offer a better quality of public realm by creating a usable streetscape complete with benches to sit on beneath the existing tree to the South- West corner and in front of the proposed extension on Grays Inn Road.

Mapping of Spaces

In the proposal a level of residential accommodation is provided at first floor by converting the existing office space. The office accommodation will move into the lower ground level, which is currently an under-used basement storage area. The existing second floor level (and above) consists of residential accommodation.

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