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Townsend Lane
Residential Project

New build low energy home

We were commissioned to design this new build low energy home in Harpenden, to replace a poorly built and cramped existing property.  The house will feature highly insulated walls, triple glazing, solar panels and ASHP, in a fabric first approach.  The house is situated within a conservation area and the design reflects the nearby Edwardian properties but in a contemporary style.  With 5 bedrooms and generous living space, the house fulfills the brief set by our Client; providing much needed accommodation for their family.


Appropriate Scale and Massing

The scheme’s materials, mass and fenestration relates to the nearby properties and is similar in nature to the other new builds close by.  The house, which sits at the top of the hill, mediates between the adjacent house and apartment buildings in an appropriate and sensitive way which does not look out of place on the street scene.


A contemporary edwardian style house

Decorative herringbone brickwork add character and depth to the facade.  The house offers a pleasing double fronted gable elevation that is reminiscent of the nearby Edwardian houses.  The house works with the natural topography of the land and is sunken down from street level, just like the existing house.


Optimising the Orientation

To the rear of the proposal, the house includes a single storey element with pitched roofs that help take advantage of the westerly light in the evening.  An external pergola structure covers a new patio and offers solar shading to the ground floor glazing.  


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