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Pancake Lane
Residential Project

Simon Knight Architects were commissioned by our Client to design a fresh new residential building to sit on the site of an existing bungalow on Pancake Lane in the Leverstock Green area of Hemel Hempstead.


Contextual Clues

Looking at a strategy for the site, we have picked up on contextual cues - front garden for parking, rear garden to remain, building to follow neighbouring building lines. We also propose setting back the building from the boundary edges. 

We are proposing to use buff coloured brick to match the neighbouring properties and give a light appearance to the building. This will be paired with timber elements and light grey aluminium windows for a contemporary edge.

Reducing the Height

We have carefully considered the roof and ways in which we can reduce the overall height of the building to relate with the neighbouring ridge heights. By dropping the eaves heights below the ceiling level, we can achieve this, similarly to the neighbours further south on Pancake Lane



Well considered and generous landscaping

The design seeks to maximise the communal green space around the development and to orientate this to the east, as per the existing. The space is gated at the two sides and accessed from both the northern gate access point and the ground floor flats. Hard landscaped paths serve the main entrance, refuse store and bike store. Soft landscaping is planted around the edges of the building to act as a defensive zone and

define the private amenity spaces at ground floor. Every flat has access to a private balcony or terrace amenity space.

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